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Trike Patrol - Now in HD - Featured on
Aiza: Pal Pimped Puki
I told you last week it was a small town, didn't I? This week's episode shows you that once again. So I'm setting out to patrol on an overcast afternoon and I don't even make it to the main road before I run into another familiar face; and a pretty one at that. It's Ciara, the two-time Trike Patrol babe now, walking arm in arm with a taller friend. Of course we greet each other, and Ciara introduces me to her cute friend Aiza, who is a full head higher than our diminutive friend. We get to talking about our past "picture-taking" experiences together and Ciara very quickly offers up her friend Aiza for the same. I wanted her to join also but she said she was "busy". For a girl of Ciara's ilk in this town, that can only mean one thing. Hey, she's a working class girl.

   I was still so close to the short-time pad I'd just rented, so we just walked back there together; Ciara merely escorting her friend before needing to scurry off to her other "engagement". Aiza was pretty quiet throughout all of this, but I could tell she had something inside her that was hot. If things went the way I'd planned, she was about to have another hot thing inside her. So we start by having her pose for some photos, and I must say she had a really photogenic smile on her, her eyes looking straight into the camera. Then I ask her if she's a horny girl, and she seductively answers yes. I ask her if she's horny now. Yes again. So now it's go time. I move in closer, caressing her breast area and sliding down her top. Moments later, my cock is in her soft, inviting mouth, enjoying her gentle tongue laps on its head.
Then, not unlike Crystel last week in this very same room, we masturbate in front of each other to get heated up even more so. I added to the fire by moistening up her snatch even further with my tongue. But the real treat finally came for both of us when I pushed my veiny bulge into her slippery soft love hole. As you'll hear in the video, this was not a girl who was shy about enjoying a good dick-down from a foreign stranger she just met.

   Aiza let it be known how much she enjoyed every gut-crushing stroke by her intermittent sultry moans. She took it front-ways, she took it back-ways; she took it ontop and reversed, until there came a point where I just couldn't overcome my cum that was coming. That point perfectly came as I came inside her tight tingling twat, which you will enjoy seeing drizzle slowly from her opening like molasses out of a tree. Lovely creampie, indeed! But what's to become of my cum I wonder. Does it merely all die in the hotel linen laundry or do remnants grow to graduate on to bigger and better things? A handsome half-Pinoy / half foreign lad would look real good in the Trike! What's bigger and better than carrying on this great tradition of Pinay pussy pillaging for the entire World to enjoy?
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