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Arlene: Chubby Filipina Scooter Looter
I'm a complete sex addict. Always have been, always will be. I've been mesmerized by anything with tits since I was a lad. Sex and the prospect of sex totally controls my life and entire way of being. It's utterly consuming in every respect of my personality. You might even say I'm Obsessive-Compulsive about it and it's because of that simple fact that I find it difficult to turn away from even the slightest chance of plunging myself into a pussy I haven't plunged yet. Trike Patrol fans know this already, though. I love variety in my sex life!

   So earlier this week, while near the mall, I saw this rather full-bodied gal in a maroon colored dress walking by. She was heading for the trike area and I was going home too so I caught up with her to say hello. Her name was Arlene and she certainly wasn't the hottest chick I've even seen, but I was going to be friendly and see what was what. She did have some nice luscious looking tits from what I could see, so I figured what the hell. Trike Patrol could use a chubby sweetheart like her so I have to try and see if my hunch is right.
The thing about "larger" girls is that they tend to really appreciate your attention more. Now, some guys enjoy being "ignored" and having that "challenge" of pursuing a "hot" girl. I'm lazy and sometimes I just want pussy as simple as possible. Arlene was 23 yrs old and seemed really nervous about me talking to her. She was definitely not used to the attention and that was sort of a strange turn-on for me I have to say. So we end up sharing a trike ride where I can get a better view of those moist, heaving breasts of hers for my Trike Patrol members. Even though she was trying to hide it, I could tell pretty quickly that Arlene was hoping to get fucked today.
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