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Ciara: Back again for a re-fuck!
Every once in a while we come upon a Filipina girl where members of the site just rave about continually. Through the comments in the members area and emails directly to us, we can get an overall sense of popularity about certain LBFMs we've corralled.

   Now, do understand, it's not always possible to bring every popular girl back for an encore on the site. You see, it's almost Trike Patrol's basic premise to "fuck & release" these chicks; not stay in touch with them for strings to be attached later. We leave that for all you bleeding-heart Western Union sponsors out there. We wouldn't want to encroach on your money-ko "game" and spoil these girls too much, now would we?

   That being said, sometimes a girl is so cute or so sexy we can't resist ourselves. Ciara here was one of those exceptions. With skin as white as snow and nipples tinier than ever, she came to us five months ago with the morning Sun's golden glow upon her hair and a starry sparkle in her doe-like eyes. When her episode was first released, we even had personal friends, some true-blue, hardcore monger friends, stop what they were doing and make long-distance international phone calls to us about her. No joke.
Filipinas can be the flighty sort. Here one minute, gone the next. Especially girls of Ciara's calibre. They come here from all 4,000 islands of the Philippines to "work" for short stints and then return home just as quickly. Work can mean a variety of things. It can be the traditional bargirl model, or on "stand-by" staying with a friend, or simply in town because a foreign chatmate or money-ko is in town currently and it's time to play "girlfriend". Trips back to the province are as frequent as they are unpredictable. Someone is sick, or enrolling back in school, on "steady barfine", holidays, birthdays, weddings, funerals, or the most common reason.. just because they feel like it.

   To add to it all, they go through phone numbers like toilet paper. They'll change or lose SIM cards or intentionally have 5 different ones to keep all of their money-ko's and customers separate; usually mixing them up anyway. So, the point is, it's not always easy to stay in touch with a girl you only met once for a morning short-time tryst five months ago. But luckily for us and a lot of you apparently when we texted Ciara last week about returning for another episode, she replied saying she was currently in town and would LOVE to do it again!

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