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Crystel: Every ho has her day
We got back to my short-time pad, which is not the same hotel I'm actually staying at. You see, on days when I know I'm going to be on patrol for new trim, I'll start off by getting a second cheap hotel room just for that purpose. I have too many other "girlfriends" here in town and cannot be seen heading into my regular hotel with Trike Patrol quarry. It's really a small town and people do nothing but gossip, or “chikka-chikka”, for a living here. If gossip were an Olympic event, Pinoys would win gold every time.

   Once inside, Crystel seemed apprehensive at first but she was no stranger to this scenario and eventually assumed the position that all naughty Filipinas know to assume once inside a strange tourist's hotel: Down on the knees! That was more like it. She offered up a fairly energetic and thorough blow job with ample amounts of hand-wanking and ball-licking mixed in. I smiled. Then, adding to the anticipation, she laid back on the bed so we could both masturbate in front of each other a while. I love it when a girl is not afraid to pleasure herself; that clit-rubbing they do to themselves really turns me on.
When I finally got my dirty dick into her now moist cock-muzzle, I was delighted at how damn tight it was. And judging by her groans and grimaces, the intense feeling was mutual. Crystel clenched her eyes shut and pointed her chin skyward while I plowed away at her. It looked as if she was entering her own special place during those moments, probably hoping her Asian-sized orifice would hold up against my Western-sized girth. It was a clash of Civilizations, on a genital level, and by just observing the sheer physics of something thrashing deep inside something else, I think it's safe to say my merlot-helmeted conquistador was the victor.

   After changing positions a few more times, I finished up in the only manner that a self-respecting, cunt-crushing tourist would: From behind! To honor nature's intentions even more so, I spastically infused Crystel's soft fleshly innards with my species-continuing DNA. As you'll notice though, most of it globbed out of her freshly fucked slit and onto the sheets, so hopefully no litters of JohnT's 9 months from now; but then again, I did only say "most" of it. Hey, somebody's gonna have to take over Trike Patrol in 2031, right?
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