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To follow the trend from the previous episode, I continued to chat with potential conquests online. It didn't take me long to find one that agreed to meet up. So we decided to start off by meeting for dinner. So we have our first somewhat awkward hello's and she sits down across from me smiling. She wasn't as uncomfortable as you'd expect a girl meeting a strange foreigner for the first time to be, which probably says she's done this before. That's ok, so have I. I will say she did come off smarter than the average slag around here, which made for semi-nice conversing with. We got through the ice and had an enjoyable meal together, during which she agreed we would do some "photo-taking" later. She even mischievously hinted at some possible monkey-business too; I kinda liked this girl. For a night at least, haha.

   After dinner it was out into the thick night air with that unmistakable aroma of 3rd world squalor hitting you as soon as you open the door. So of course we followed that up by hopping aboard some 3rd world transportation for our ride home. When our trike let us off at my pre-arranged short-time hotel, I was fairly confident this date was going to end how I wanted.
Just after Kiana changed into some other clothes she brought with her, we got down to some photography as talked about. But it was none too long before I couldn't help myself from expressing how horny I was getting looking at her skinny legs and ass. There's nothin' like an Asian girl's petite frame to get a guy my age all amped up and ready for action. I was boiling over at this point.

   Sensing this, Kiana let me help her clothes off and also touch her petite, yet large nippled, breasts. Then I liked and kissed them. Then, I moved lower, til finding her sweet, naturally haired love box. I ate her pussy til it was flowing with juice, then she returned the favor by softly sucking my cock. Then, it was time for what I'd been waiting all night for: To poke my bone into that slim framed skeleton of hers; it's fucking bodies like these that make a man feel like King Kong. Heavenly!

   Kiana whimpered softly throughout the sex; not one of these completely silent girls, but not a screamer either. When you're ready to blow, you're just ready. And it was soon time for me, so I burrowed my dick as deep down into her snug cooze as possible and pulsed my ropes of glory all up in there. I pushed it so damn deep into her vulva, that I wasn't sure if any of it would make it back out for the camera. A few seconds later I was happy to see a white trail of tears ooze out of her now gaping Southern territory.

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