Meet Lady Honey: She's Fun Loving Mischievous & Extremely Horny!
More rain again this week. It's been raining so regularly lately that my mood has been affected. I think I've been slightly depressed with it all so what better way to perk up my spirits than to go on an evening stroll and see all of the pretty girls walking about? About half-way down the strip, I stopped in a convenience store for a bottled water and a snack. Inside, I noticed a slender, slinky looking girl in a striped top and black skirt walking around the store. She was giggling goofily as I looked in her direction and I could tell it was a ploy for attention.

  I approached her in the drink aisle and offered the hello she knew was coming. She giggled again and introduced herself back. Her name was Ladyhoney and I could tell from the look in her eye she was the fun-loving mischievous type. I asked if she wanted to hang out with me and it was a very enthusiastic yes—with a giggle of course. We left the store and hailed a trike and that's where the fun had already begun.
I turned my 'night vision' on and slid my fingers down her shirt to fondle her nice perky tits. Thankfully, the rain gear tarp on the trike kept us shielded from view by the driver. Ladyhoney responded in kind by sliding her hand up my shorts to excitedly grab a hold of Mr. Kragg and his two hanging henchmen. It was one of the more fun trike rides back to the hotel, to say the least.

  Due to all of that tomfoolery in trike transit, there was no wondering what would happen next once we arrived in my room. Ladyhoney soon implied she was quite horny and let me remove her clothes one-by-one. Her body was nice and lean, tight all over, with long skinny legs. She then indulged herself on my manhood with great skill and fervor. This was a girl who surely knew how to suck cock. It's something they learn from experience you know; no girl is born a good cock-sucker. We even enjoyed a little 69ing together and her pussy was fresh and delicious.
She jumped aboard the John T-train and gave me a good ride with that wet, yet gripping, pussy of hers. Her athletic frame lent itself to a more vigorous and lengthy ride than a lot of 'softer' girls here can muster. I had to have my turn next and fucked her in missionary where I could revel in the view of my beef brisket plunging through her hairy clam-hole.

  Next, it was time for some doggy which is my favorite as you all know by now. While I was stabbing away at it, I couldn't help but transfix myself on Ladyhoney's coal-hole looking back up at me. Thus, I decided to take yet another journey down the marmite motorway. So with a little bit of effort and squirming, I weaseled my pussy-wet cock right up into her dinner dumper for a good thrashing.

  Soon after, she flopped over to missionary again, where I was then able to freely alternate my pecker-jabs between her bearded oyster and her now gaping stench trench. It kind of reminded me of a favorite arcade game from my childhood. Who would've guessed I'd be playing it years later with my penis and some strange Asian girl's body orifices in a seedy little town like this thousands of miles away? Life takes you in strange circles sometimes.

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