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Maui: A catch of the century..
Meet Maui: A delightfully cute and sexy 18 year old Pinay from an island province now visiting the big city. I had the good fortune of meeting her at a small karaoke bar near the bay a few nights ago. She seemed too inexperienced and shy to go with me then but we exchanged numbers and here she is a few days later, showing up at my hotel room door with a flower in her hair and looking extra delicious. This is a real cute one to get my hands on. She shows her age during our small-talk but letís face it, guys like us aren't with 18 year olds for their conversation skills, right?

   It wasn't long before she was acting frisky on the bed and pushed aside her tight shorts to reveal a gorgeous shaved pek-pek underneath. No, she wasn't a virgin but looking at that fresh little pussy one could tell Maui was clearly still in the lower digits on her dick-o-meter. Now her mouth might have been another story. This beauty knew how to suck a cock fairly well for such a ripe age. Makes one wonder how many hunks of meat have been in that pretty face of hers. But no matter, the only meat I cared about at the moment was mine, and it was quite happy in that warm, wet 18 year old mouth right then.

   Her perfectly shaped ass looked just fine while I stuffed her sweet pussy from behind. Then I hit it from the side a bit so you could get a clear view of that pristine little puki she has. I mean, does a pussy get any more perfect than that? She rode me a while frontwards and backwards so I could enjoy all angles of her loveliness and I then put her on her back in missionary to give her the good hard stuffing a beautiful girl like this deserves. This was truly a Philippine teen dream-girl if there ever was one. Hope you enjoy it her as much as I did!
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