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Ashley: Butter-face Asian with smoking body!
I surprised when this relatively "normal" looking girl I approached in a trike hopped right inside with me like it was second nature. She was aboard the sidecar before we even exchanged names, which suggested to me that she was on what Iíve heard referred to here as "stand-by". Basically, a girl hanging around waiting to snare a foreigner for a "short time" sex session to make some extra pesos.

   She was pleasant enough and I just needed a quick nut, so I was happy to have scored a piece this early in the night. When we got to the room, she wasn't much of a talker or didn't understand English so well but she confirmed what I had thought about being an off-duty bargirl. She was 20 years old, with a decent, petite body and an average face. We got down to business and the sex with her was just what the doctor ordered. A nice, smooth, clean-shaven LBFM pussy to play with and fuck. What else could a horny guy ask for on an otherwise uneventful weekday evening? Find a stand-by girl like Ashley and tap that puki untik you fill it with creampies like I did to her.
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