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Emelyn: Puss in a Bush
We receive all sorts of emails from different guys asking how they can be on the site or how their girlfriend, wife or significant other can be on the site. Some of our most popular episodes have been ones starring these virtual "walk-ons". Sure, it's not completely in-line with our random, "on-the-streets" search & pummel theme but if there's a horny Filipina out there who wants to get screwed on Trike Patrol, who are we to stop her?

   This episode is one of those situations. Just two complete amateurs, Emelyn and her fuck-buddy Albert, who contacted us asking to be on the site. He sent in some naked pics of Emy and the first thing we noticed aside from her cute face was the all-natural fuzzy Filipina pussy bush she had going on down below the waist. It's not something we normally come across from the girls we pick up on Patrol so we thought this would be a nice little piece of variety for the site. Hey, some of you guys like 'em all natural, right?
Obviously their first time fucking on cam, they fumble around a bit before getting into a rhythm. Before the sex, Albert buries his face so deep into that monstrous looking muff of hers that it almost looks like he's having his head eaten by a hungry gremlin. For a moment there, we were about to send in a rescue party with tranquilizer darts. Man, what a growler she's got down there. They start to work out their camera shyness and go on to turn in a fairly energetic fuck. Emy's hairy Filipina pussy must have been a lot smoother on the inside because she caused her man to shoot his load up inside her leaving a nice sticky creampie filling her muff. If you're one of those muff-lovers out there, this episode's for you!
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