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Irish: Enjoying a sorbid quicky!
Let there be no misconceptions; Irish was keen to the game here and knew what was going to transpire. After all, she had a friend to go meet up with still, didn't she. So some more breast fondling and then it was: Dick, meet Irish's mouth. Hello Irish's mouth, nice to "meat" you!

   A very confident and resolute blow job ensued, not one of these "kiss & lick" girls. Irish knew how to suck some dick for sure. Since time was of the essence, I then just turned her around, lifted up that pretty dress of hers and stuffed my prick into that easy pussy from behind. The rush of adrenalin I feel upon that first thrash of my cock into a brand new vagina is unlike anything else I've felt. Who needs drugs? New pussy is my drug and I'm a full-fledged addict with no hope of recovery!
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It sounded like Irish enjoyed this sordid quickie too. She moaned like a bitch in heat as I slammed her from the rear. I find these chance, short-time encounters to be a lot more "sexual" and exciting than most of the "dating" hook-ups I consummate. There is just something more primal and "dirty" about these that make them more fun. I think the girls would agree too, especially Irish here. They can "act the slut" without worry of judgment as they'd get from their boyfriend or hubby. And that's exactly what Irish did on this occasion!
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