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Shakira: Tits like this don't lie
I went up to a roof top to film some crazy traffic when I noticed this busty girl in a tight pink dress up there too leaning her bussom on the rail looking down. Turns out she's staying at my hotel as well. Her name is Shakira and even though she's 19 she kind of acts quite a bit older. 19 going on 40 maybe? She had this "rough" look to her, metal dental work and all. She is definitely cute and it became apparent when she agreed to pose for me that she has an insatiable naughty side as well which I knew I had to capture.

   We moved under some shelter on the roof-top for a bit and she allowed me to grab her nice bountiful breasts, then going further down caressing the crevice between her legs. Wow, so warm down there! The next thing I knew, Shakira had my cock out and in her mouth. Talk about wherever, whenever! This girl must have had some kind of oral fixation because she was sucking my dick right there on the rooftop minutes after meeting me and was rather skilled at it too I might add! It's like she took mouth lessons!

   Her wanton sexuality and fearlessness had me extremely horny right then. I just couldn’t resist turning her around, bending her over and fucking her from behind right there, which she allowed me to do with zero resistance or hesitation. Waka waka, what a girl! I had to get this girl inside to my hotel bed before someone caught us up there. So we halted our coital coagulation momentarily to move this party behind closed doors and here's where it all got very interesting... I got many pics and a long video of her :)
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